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Why Algae


The Problem

Societal: Communities are stifled by unemployment and few high paying jobs as exemplified by 46% of the world’s population living on less than $5.50 per day. Malnutrition and hunger continue to be a huge problem as exemplified by 25% of the world’s children suffering from stunting.

Environmental: Food demand is skyrocketing due to population growth and increasing incomes in developing nations. As world food demand grows, continuing to rely solely on traditional agriculture will lead to catastrophic ecosystem failures.

The Solution

Large-scale algae farming with Global Algae Innovations' suite of advanced technologies.

  • 1 algae farm would attract $1 billion in investment and provide a full spectrum of high paying jobs to a rural community while supplying oil and healthy protein for people and livestock or aquaculture.

  • 2 algae farms would restore the Salton Sea.

  • 8 algae farms would restore the Colorado River flow.

  • 13 algae farms would restore the ocean ecosystems.

  • 30 algae farms would restore the ocean ecosystems while tripling our aquaculture fish production.

  • 400 algae farms would restore the entire deforested area of the Amazon rainforest used for protein production (250 million acres).

  • 900 algae farms would restore the entire deforested area of Southeast Asian rainforest used for palm oil (50 million acres).

  • 1,500 algae farms would reduce GHG emission by more than 10 Gt/yr.

  • 7,000 algae farms would provide 25% of the global fuel supply and protein for feed and food to support 10 billion people, while reducing GHG emissions by 13 Gt/yr and restoring the world’s forests, savannahs, grasslands, rivers, lakes, watersheds and oceans.

Unparalleled productivity with Global Algae’s technology...


… will transform the world for the better

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