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Our Technology

Global Algae has developed a broad array

of radical advances spanning the entire algae production process to enable economical, sustainable production of protein and biofuel commodities that will transform the world.

Our innovations lower energy consumption, increase production efficiency, and are a fraction of the cost of conventional algae production technologies. Our technology provides a strong return on investment for commercial production of algal protein for human consumption and animal feed, algal oil for fuel and polymers, as well as high value products such as Spirulina, pigments, and omega-3 oils.


Our Advancements that make us ready to scale NOW

Global Algae has leveraged radical advances in large-scale algae production along with a systems approach and a detailed techno-economic model to develop breakthroughs throughout the entire process. We are demonstrating these advances in our 8-acre algae farm that includes one of world’s largest open pond raceways. It is the world’s only large-scale open raceway facility that relies on either direct air capture or power plant flue gas as the carbon dioxide source. We have implemented 65 innovations at large-scale including 11 major breakthroughs, and we have R&D in progress on over 85 additional innovations. These advances achieve an order of magnitude improvement over conventional technology.

farm current.png

Major Breakthroughs and Innovations Throughout the Process


Cost Reductions ($/kg)

Conventional technology cultivation and processing costs are $5.00/kg of algae; Global Algae’s cost reductions for each process (gray bars) reduce the total to $0.80/kg of algae.

cost reductions 2.png

Energy Use Reductions (MJ/kg)

Conventional technology production and processing requires 22.4 MJ/kg of algae.  Global Algae’s energy reduction for each process area (gray bars) reduce the total to 1.1 MJ/kg of algae.

energy reduction 2.png
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