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Create Jobs


Algae farming is high-tech farming that creates a full spectrum of high-paying jobs

Algae farming is high-tech farming that will dramatically increase the productivity and the number of high-quality jobs in the agriculture sector.Algae farms employ technicians, operators, scientist and engineers, so the jobs created are similar to manufacturing or process industries.


Algae farms also induce large capital investment by providing a good return on investment, so many construction and manufacturing jobs are created to build the algae farms. All of these high-quality farming, and construction jobs will generate many more indirect jobs in services, medicine, teaching, etc.


Algae farms create 16 times more jobs and generate 150 times more revenue per acre than conventional agriculture, so algae farming will create more jobs that are higher paying resulting in a higher standard of living.


Building 10 million acres of algae farms in the US would induce $1 trillion of private investment into the economy; create 1.6 million new high-paying jobs; and generate $264 billion in new annual farm GDP. For context, conventional farming in the US uses 900 million acres to create 8.6 million jobs and generate $157 billion in annual farm GDP.

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