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Job Summary:

Performs technician-level workflow activities at both Global Algae Innovations Lab and Farm at the Shandon Algae Facility. Supports facility modifications, light fabrication and assembly, equipment installation, daily farming operations, laboratory equipment operation and maintenance, and assisting with experimental data collection. Other duties include media preparation, glassware cleaning, lab maintenance, sample preparation, instrumentation operation, and data capture.

Essential Functions:

  1. Performs daily assigned tasks per the operating supervisor

  2. Feeds algae ponds, performs pond transfers and harvesting

  3. Reads diagrams, process sheets, and assembly and schematic drawings

  4. Assists in fabrication, assembly, and installation of basic experimental and commercial equipment

  5. Uses and maintains farm equipment; cleans outdoor ponds, tanks, and sumps as needed

  6. Uses and maintains lab equipment, such as UV-Vis spectrophotometers, gravimetric instruments, and elemental analyzers

  7. Helps conduct experiments and tests according to pre-arranged procedures; records relevant data

  8. Records information on appropriate production records, logs and other report forms; provides inputs to reports as required

  9. Provides support to manage cultures at laboratory and in scale-up agar plates, tubes, flasks, and carboys taking routine measurements (i.e. pH, temperature, conductivity, nutrient analysis, and assays), samples and record physical parameters of microalgae cultures

  10. Assists in ensuring that there are adequate stocks of media, reagents, and consumables in the lab by collaborating with other staff to fully communicate low stock levels

  11. Performs biology diagnostics of the microalgae cultures by microscopic observations and identifies predators and contaminants of the algae culture systems and their control.  Use appropriate techniques to clean and disinfect culture systems as required

  12. Prepares microbiological media and products that are required for use in the laboratory

  13. Prepares Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen (CHN) samples, total organic carbon and total nitrogen (TOC/TN) samples, robotic sample preparation, and ash free dry weight (AFDW) gravimetric analysis samples

  14. Operates the robot, CHN analyzer, and TOC/TN analyzer

  15. Conducts research experiments in accordance with laboratory and safety protocols

  16. Washes glassware and prepares materials before and after autoclaving.  Performs all runs on autoclave.  Preforms decontamination and disposal of laboratory waste

  17. Remains up to date with technical knowledge and takes advantage of training and development provided within the scope of the role

  18. Interacts with co-workers, suppliers, customers, and partners in a professional, considerate, and respectful manner

  19. Fosters an environment of safety, camaraderie, and integrity in all aspects of work

  20. Observes all laws, regulations, other applicable obligations, and Company ethical standards while on duty, wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the Company

  21. Performs work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices

  22. Notifies executive team of any activities that could violate or have the appearance of violating laws, regulations, obligations, ethical standards, potentially unsafe working conditions, procedures, or practices

Qualifications, Skills and Physical Demands:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • At least two years related work experience desired.

  • A science background and general knowledge of algae is preferred

  • Experience using sterile technique is preferred

  • Must be able to carry out repetitive tasks

  • Experience with common hand tools.

  • Able to perform complex assignments with little or no direction.

  • Must be able to move 50 pounds at one time, multiple times throughout the workday

  • Willing to work in or near unusual environments such as pressurized air, high voltage, microwave energy, heat, cryogens, water ponds, high places, and heavy objects.

  • Must be able to remain in a stationary position and use a computer or equipment for most of the day

  • Must be able to work outdoors all day in outdoor weather conditions, traverse algae farm, ascend/descend ladders, and remain in a stationary position 

  • Positions self at ground level to perform tasks such as equipment maintenance and sample collection

  • Must be able to work indoors in the lab traversing the lab while performing tasks such as transporting samples

  • Must be able to work weekend shifts and extended hours as required.

  • Must have strong communication, computer, documentation, and interpersonal skills

  • Computer literate with the knowledge of applications pertinent to position objectives

  • Must be able to communicate via phone, video conference and email with co-workers and business contacts

  • Must have ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment and learn new concepts quickly

  • Must be able to think strategically and have the ability to use independent judgment

  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality

TO APPLY: please submit your resume to, the subject line must include which position you are applying for.

Global Algae Innovations is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Pay Range: $17 to $25 per hour

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