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Phycologist 2

Job Summary:

Under general supervision, develop and apply innovative approaches to resolve a wide range of difficult scientific problems. This position will assist with the technical oversight of all scientific activities at the Shandon Algae Facility, including cultivation and growth, work flow and data collection, safety and environmental, maintenance and repairs, and operating procedures and practices. The Phycologist 2 will work with the Lead Phycologist for the development and management of the algae strain library including collection, isolation, characterization, improvement, seed production, product identification, culturing conditions, analytical methods, safety, and environmental concerns. Assignments are normally outlined in terms of overall objectives and anticipated results. Initiate the planning of scientific projects and develop innovative designs or modifications in order to meet project goals. Independently perform difficult/complex scientific work with instructions as to the general expected results. Work is reviewed at milestones or at completion for adequacy in meeting objectives. Document findings, communicate results to technical team, make technical presentations, and may represent the organization as the prime technical contact on small contracts or single component projects. Provide direction to technicians and may lead a team of moderately experienced professionals. Work on government funding efforts including proposal writing. May coordinate segments of a specific project and have frequent inter-organization contact on difficult technical issues.

Essential Functions:

  1. Works in a group environment (indoor and outdoor) to provide oversight, monitoring, and execute daily workflow activities at the Shandon Algae Farm and Lab.

  2. Work with technical team to determine priorities and collaboration teams from private industry, universities, national labs, and other organizations as needed

  3. Work with technical team to write grant applications

  4. Provides documentation and makes technical presentations as required

  5. Maintain understanding of technical and industry knowledge by reviewing publications

  6. Write papers for publication to elevate the company’s industry position

  7. Collaborate with Lead Phycologist to set goals and objectives for the algae library, strain collection, strain improvement, and culturing methods

  8. Collaborate with technical team on cultivation including assessment of culture health and recommendation of changes in the culturing methods to improve productivity, quality, and health of the algae cultures

  9. Operation of the biological and analytical laboratories

  10. Assists with the procurement, storage, and use of consumables and other materials needed for operation of the facility.

  11. Coordinates the facility schedule for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and modifications with other technical and executive staff.

  12. Design, build, install, troubleshoot, analyze, modify and repair systems to accomplish technical goals.

  13. Operates the Zobi Harvester and oversees harvests

  14. Reads diagrams, process sheets, and assembly and schematic drawings

  15. Records information on appropriate production records, logs and other report forms; provides inputs to reports as required

  16. Directs the activities of technicians and less experienced professionals

  17. Participate in planning experiments including test plan preparation, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions

  18. Collaborate with technical team on developing, optimizing, and testing cultivation methods

  19. Anticipate and evaluate improvements in the procedures, policies, analytical methods, data collection, data reporting, workflow, safety protocols, and environmental management in the algae strain research, development, seed production, and culturing methods

  20. Assists with planning experiments including test plan preparation, analytical methods and laboratory or farm protocols, trouble-shooting problems, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions

  21. May train other team members on methods developed

  22. Evaluate needs and design system components to meet project goals

  23. May develop and/or perform computational modeling of scientific phenomena

  24. Devise new approaches to resolve unusual or complex scientific problems

  25. Support operation of scientific systems by evaluating and interpreting needs and problems; develop effective approaches to resolving those issues

  26. Troubleshoot, analyze, and repair systems utilizing scientific principles

  27. May represent the organization as the prime technical contact on small contracts or single component projects

  28. Communicates needs with Coach in timely manner to ensure Company objectives are met

  29. Interact with co-workers, suppliers, customers, and partners in a professional, considerate, and respectful manner

  30. Foster an environment of safety, camaraderie, and integrity in all aspects of work

  31. Observe all laws, regulations, other applicable obligations, and company ethical standards while on duty, wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the company

  32. Perform work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices

  33. Notify executive team of any activities that could violate or have the appearance of violating laws, regulations, obligations, ethical standards, potentially unsafe working conditions, procedures, or practices

Qualifications, Skills and Physical Demands:

  • Typically requires a Bachelors, Masters or PhD in phycology, biology or other related scientific field with 5 or more years’ experience.

  • Must have detailed and extensive technical expertise and wide range application of scientific principles, concepts, theory, codes, and practice, as well as project administration including organizing, planning, scheduling, and coordinating workloads to meet established project deadlines or milestones

  • Must be able to coordinate workflow and effectively communicate with team at all levels in a complex research environment

  • Must be able to effectively present company initiatives to government representatives

  • Must be able to understand, develop and communicate new concepts and principals; apply them accurately throughout an evolving environment; organize, schedule, and coordinate work phases; and, determine the appropriate approach at the task level or, with assistance, at the project level to provide solutions to a range of complex problems

  • Must be able to perform complex tasks in one or more scientific areas and resolve unusually complex technical problems

  • Must possess the ability to serve as spokesperson on projects and/or programs

  • Expertise in methodology and protocols for algae and strain collection, isolation, maintenance, inoculum production, and algal biology measurements

  • Must be able to work weekend shifts, extended hours and travel as required

  • Must be able to remain in a stationary position and use a computer or equipment for most of the day

  • Must be able to work outdoors all day in outdoor weather conditions, traverse algae farm, ascend/descend ladders, and remain in a stationary position 

  • Positions self at ground level to perform tasks such as equipment maintenance and sample collection

  • Must be able to work indoors in the lab traversing the lab while performing tasks such as transporting samples

  • Must be able to move 50 pounds at one time, multiple times throughout the workday

  • Willing to work in or near unusual environments such as pressurized air, high voltage, microwave energy, heat, cryogens, water ponds, high places, and heavy objects.

  • Must have strong communication, computer, documentation, interpersonal, leadership, organization, and presentation skills

  • Computer literate and able to effectively work with applications pertinent to position objectives

  • Must be able to communicate via phone, video conference, email and in-person with co-workers and business contacts

  • Must have ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment and learn new concepts quickly

  • Must be able to think strategically and have the ability to use independent judgment

  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality

TO APPLY: please submit your resume to, the subject line must include which position you are applying for.

Global Algae Innovations is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Pay Range: $74,880 to $102,726 per year

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