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Civil Engineer

Job Summary:

This position is responsible for determining and developing effective approaches for research, development, design, testing, automation, and operation.  These approaches will be applied for algae cultivation and processing as well as manufacturing of equipment and instrumentation for algae facilities. Assignments are normally outlined in terms of overall objectives and anticipated results. 


Essential Functions:


  1. Layout of algae facility and raceways; land development planning, structural supports and tie downs.

  2. Contribute to interdisciplinary teams in a respectful and collaborative manner

  3. Design, specify, and document experiments, equipment, and processes

  4. Conduct experimental testing; analyze and document experimental results

  5. Operate analytical, test, and production equipment

  6. Perform thorough research to rapidly understand concepts that contribute to design, experiments, and operation

  7. Build, install, troubleshoot, analyze, and repair systems

  8. Identify, diagnose, and propose solutions to issues or problems with processes or equipment

  9. When assigned, lead teams including technicians and other engineers or scientists

  10. Interacts with co-workers, suppliers, customers, and partners in a professional, considerate, and respectful manner

  11. Fosters an environment of safety, camaraderie, and integrity in all aspects of work

  12. Observes all laws, regulations, other applicable obligations, and Company ethical standards while on duty, wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the Company

  13. Performs work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices

  14. Notifies management of any activities that could violate or have the appearance of violating laws, regulations, obligations, ethical standards, potentially unsafe working conditions, procedures, or practices

Qualifications, Skills and Physical Demands:

  • Bachelors or Master’s in civil engineering

  • Must possess the ability to understand new concepts and quickly apply them accurately throughout an evolving technology

  • Must have the ability to organize, schedule, and coordinate work phases, along with, determine the appropriate approach at the task level or, with assistance, at the project level to provide solutions to a range of complex problems

  • Must be able to perform tests in laboratory, algae farm, and manufacturing settings including moving and installing heavy experimental components or feedstock

  • Preferred experience or training in automation, experimental design, mass and energy balances, process modeling, safety/hazards analysis, and equipment or process specification

  • Must be able to work weekend shifts, extended hours and travel as required

  • Must be able to sit and use a computer for most of the day

  • Must be able to work in warehouse all day climbing ladders, walking, standing,
    and squatting

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds throughout the workday, must be able to lift up to
    150 pounds multiple times a day

  • Must have strong communication, computer, documentation, leadership,
    presentation, and interpersonal skills

  • Computer literate with the knowledge of applications pertinent to position

  • Must be able to communicate via phone, email and video conference with co-workers and business contacts

  • Must have ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced
    environment and learn new concepts quickly

  • Must be able to think strategically and have the ability to use independent

  •  Must be able to maintain confidentiality


TO APPLY: please submit your resume to, the subject line must include which position you are applying for.

Global Algae Innovations is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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